Although, California is a leader in the American craft bear revolution, Los Angeles has been slow to embrace craft brewing. But now, thanks to the South Bay, Los Angeles is slowly catching up with San Diego and Western Washington–in fact in the South Bay a new pub or brewery seems to be opening up every single month. The South Bay attracts many visitors for its beautiful Pacific Ocean, sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. Now, the South Bay has more to boast about with some of the best and most interesting brews of the country. Here are the top 7 craft breweries in the South Bay:

  1. Monkish Brewing Co: Brewery started by husband and wife duo – Henry Nguyen and Adriana, in 2012 when Henry migrated from Scotland after discovering a passion for real ale. His Belgian inspired ales are brewed with uncommon ingredients. His signature beers are poured from a small taproom at Monkish and at bars from the beaches to downtown Los Angeles.monkish

  2. Smog City Brewing Co: This brewery was opened in 2013 by Jonathon and Laurie porter, the Smog City Brewing Co. is known as nation’s best brewery. The head brewer Jonathon porter is an award winning brew master known for his Grape Ape IPA, Flanders Reds, and Little Bo Pils. The brewery is also renowned for its small batch offerings that feature fruits and herbs. These small batch offerings are one of those treats that are really hard to find elsewhere and not only all these tastes well but the atmosphere there is great too!smog-city
    1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B Torrance CA 90501
    1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B Torrance CA 90501

  3. El Segundo Brewing: This was originally operated by Rob Croxall who left his job in finance for the love of craft beer. Their signature brews are White Dog IPA and Mayberry IPA which is a perfect match for LA’s climate. This place provides instincts of great LA and the combination of their IPA with friendly environment is worth visiting this once! The most popular house beers that are “must try” for the newcomers here White Dog IPA, Hyperion’s Stout, Standard Crude American Imperial Stout and Grand Hill IPA. Moreover, they also have tasting rooms for their experimental recipes which is the great opportunity for those who are always on the run for new tastes.el-segundo-brewery

  4. Strand Brewing Co: Known for its premium handcrafted ales, the strand brewing co is founded by Rich Marcello and Joel Elliot. The brewery is located near the other Torrance breweries with signature drinks known as the 24th street pale and Atticus IPA. Most of the people here like the peaceful environment and atmosphere as usually professionals and working people visit this place for a toast or night out.strand-brewing
    2201 Dominguez St, Torrance, CA 90501
    2201 Dominguez Street Torrance California 90501 US

  5. The Dudes Brewing Company: A hidden gem of LA, the brewery offers a unique taste in its offerings. Their signature items are The Blood Orange and The Pecan Brown. This place is great if you are looking for a spacious place along with some tasteful IPAs. Moreover, unlike their tasting rooms are open to all outside foods so if you’re looking for some light meals with beers then you can find it here. The “must try” here is the Double India Pale Ale which is a 9.4% alcohol by volume, so it’s not for the faint hearted out there! The other beers that are worth trying are India Pale Ale, Blood Orange Amber Ale, and English Style Brown Ale.the-dudes-brewing

  6. Absolution Brewing Co.: One of Torrance’s newest brewery combines beer styles from Belgium, Britain, and Germany with fresh ingredients such as Yakima Valley hops. Popular beers include Angels Demise and L’il Angel. Their brews are made by eliminating chemicals and preservatives and are organic made from the finest ingredients. They also present Sodas for the little ones; the well-known ones include their Root Bear and Cream Soda. Also the place is quite clean and roomy and their popular beers are must try! One should also consult their bartenders and locals present about the most popular beers out there.absolution-brewing

  7. King Harbor Brewing Company: Opened last year, king harbor brewing company was the first production brewery in Redondo Beach. The founders Will Daines and Tom Dunbabin are now opening their tasting rooms at the international boardwalk on the Redondo Beach marina. The tasting rooms are open from Wednesday to Sunday and provide some great experimental tastes to the adventurous ones. The must try and most renowned beers here are Abel Brown and King Harbor. Subsequently, this place is great for tourists and visitors looking for some beers and light meals while their journeys or in-transit flights.king-harbor-brewing
    2907 182nd street Redondo Beach CA 90277
    2907 182nd street Redondo Beach CA 90277